I live my life day to day. The only plans I have for my future are to be a mom. I don't waste time doing things I don't like to do and I remind myself everyday that my problems are insigificant because one day, nothing will matter. I just do me, all day, everyday.

my future husband will think and look like this. Cudi <3 
yea. FUCK you very much. 

Like a bus.

nuff said

Tim Burton Corpse Bride Tattoo Sleeve by Vince Wishart on Flickr.

frank the bunny

this is killer
May. 17. 2011

30 day challenge

I give up.

May. 17. 2011

Dear Waldo,


Could I interest you in becoming a Horcrux?

Sincerely, Voldemort

haha…its funny because he’s so hard to find. Although I think Harry wins because it took 10 years to figure out that he was horcrux… I’d have given up after an hour with those books tryna find Waldo. Shoooot.  

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